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"I greatly appreciate your care and concern for my daughter during her time of sickness while on vacation, your level of professionalism and compassion is a testament to your service...It is very comforting as a parent to know that while traveling away from home, there are doctors such as yourself that are there to provide such a needed service as the Physician Room Service program." - J.B.P. from Mississippi

"Physician Room Service is a great concept for someone like me who is away from home without any transportation.” – J.Z. from Michigan

"Thank you for your outstanding professionalism at the Orlando Hilton, when I had the pain in my ear." - D.M. from Hungary

“As an event manager, we always seem to have some medical issues when there is such a large gathering and I am responsible to make sure everyone is well taken care of. The onsite service you provide is so valuable to me and our guests. Even more important is your kind and caring demeanor.” – L.D. from Massachusetts

“Thank you so much for all your kind help to make our trip to Disney end on a healthier note and our flight home without incident. The meds you gave us worked perfectly and everyone was feeling back to normal by Monday in time for preschool. Your service to us could not have been a better display of true physician care.” – G.O. from North Carolina

“Your Brazillian patient is very fine and would like to thank you for your proficiency, and also for your kindness and patience.” – G.V. from Brazil

“Thanks for your GREAT and fast services.” – E.B. from Canada

"Dr. Almond came exactly at the time he said he would be in. He is a real gentleman, excellent doctor and, of course, his verbal and written prescriptions were the right ones. We want to thank you for your reliable service and for the efficient people you have in order to serve well your customers." - N.Z. from Florida

“We were impressed with the professionalism and dedication during the attending and very pleased with the result. The next day our baby was 100% and we could enjoy the journey with joy and tranquility.” – R.T. from Brazil

“We want to thank you for your reliable service and for the efficient people you have in order to serve well your customers.” – M.A from Chile

“We had a wonderful experience when you came to help me with my son’s illness. Such a gentle and kind doctor you were – I don’t think I’ll forget you any time soon.” – J.S. from New Jersey

“I am writing to say a big thank you…We really appreciate your consideration and help you provided…” – I.P from Connecticut

“…feeling much better. Thank you again for ‘rescuing’ us.” – W.G. from Kentucky

“We got everything we needed to get our daughter feeling better and able to make the trip home safely. Can’t thank [the doctor] enough for his help!!!! Absolutely recommend this service if vacationing in Orlando and get sick!!” – W.&A. M. from North Carolina

“Dr. Almond was fantastic. Thank you very much” – K.W. from Wyoming

“Dr. Almond was terrific. He was kind, patient, and very thorough. Bill was extremely reasonable. I highly recommend using this service if you need on site medical care in Orlando. I tried another “on call” doctor service and was treated very badly with rude, insensitive service. Thankful we found Dr Almond!” – B.T. from Texas

“The doctor who came to the resort was very good. He was very professional, calming, and caring. He answered our questions and gave us backup plans depending on changes to our daughter’s situation. Physician Room Service is an excellent service we hope to not have to use again.” – C.J. from Ontario Canada

“Really liked Dr. Almond. He did a great job!” – P.G from Connecticut

“Could have not been better, diagnosis was right and she was feeling better, fever gone by next morning. Dr. very good with children. Answer to our prayers. Thanks for providing quality services!” – A.K. from Mississippi

“Very professional and great doctor wish he was in our home town. Thank you so much.” – T.R. from North Carolina

"Great Service." - D.T. from U.K.

"Dr. Jim Almond was professional in treating my 5 year old son and made him very comfortable during the exam. He really helped keep our vacation on track. Thank you.” – A.K. from New Jersey

“…Dr. JC Almond was amazing. He treated our son with the best care we could ask for. He put our mind at ease and made our trip a lot smoother by his wonderful care. Thank you Dr. Almond!!" – V.E.

“Wonderful service thank you!” – M.L. from Arizona

“Very friendly physician, it’s very helpful that he carries [a] small pharmacy with him for some prescription medicine.” – P.T. from South America

“We appreciated your doctor coming out to our accommodation…efficient paying systems available…good diagnosis & medication prescribed…really helped our daughter” – P.P. from Cape Town, South Africa

“Great care. Excellent service.” – T.F. from New Jersey

“Very nice doctor and good treatment.” – E.W. from Norway

"Excellent physician, very polite and explain all you need.” – R.A. from Brazil

“I’m so thankful for the great care that we received & that we were still able to enjoy our trip.” – B.B. from Louisiana

“Dr. Jimmy Almond came out to our resort to examine our daughter who was sick at the start of our vacation...Thanks for the professionalism and kindness! We appreciate that you drove out on short notice…Sunday afternoon.” – J.U. from Pennsylvania

“Our doctor was prompt, courteous, thorough with explanations of diagnosis and gave us choices for medication. Visiting our Hotel room saved hours and allowed my 10yo daughter to continue to rest, allowing us to get back to our Disney vacation sooner!” – C.M. from Connecticut

"This was the greatest service while on vacation. The last thing we wanted to do was wait in the lobby of a walk-in clinic for 2+ hours. Thank you Dr. Almond.” – M.D. from Washington

“Thank you so much. We appreciate all your help, and have already recommended your service to all our Disney-bound friends! – H.E. from Louisiana

“Simply put: Awesome!” – D.T. from Florida

“Dr. Almond took great care, and was very helpful.” – L.S.J. from Georgia

“Dr. Almond came to my hotel room to treat me. He was very professional and empathetic, not to mention timely. I wish he was my regular doctor. I can’t thank him enough for getting me back on my feet as fast as possible.” – J.N. from Texas

“Excellent bedside manner and explained everything thoroughly.” – A.C. from North Carolina

“Awesome service, great at explaining everything and really good bedside manners!” – R.S. from Texas

“Dr. Almond was very thorough and spent extra time with my husband just to make sure he was improving. Great service, thank you!” – from United Kingdom

"Dr. Almond is very professional and I felt completely comfortable in his presence." - D.J.

"Thank you so much for your wonderful service, without it I don't know what I would have done, feeling much better now...Many Thanks" - A.S. from England

"Excellent service" - L.B. from Canada

"Dr. Almond was both businesslike and professional. He was gracious showing no irritation whatsoever on being called out on a Sunday afternoon. We were happy he was on call." - M.H. from Indiana

"Dr. Almond is very knowledgeable, professional and on point...he answered all my concerns and he educated me about my condition. I will use him again in the future...worth every dollar..." - M.J. from Florida

"Dr Almond was amazing! It was so convenient to have him come right to my hotel room & we didn't have to miss any of our fast pass reservations which we definitely would have it I had to go to urgent care. He was very sweet with my daughter as well who was extremely curious as to why I had a doctor at the hotel & didn't go to the office. Overall excellent experience, worth every penny!!" - A.G. from California

"Awesome doctor. Doctor Almond explained everything thoroughly and was a big help." - H.B. from Canada

"Physician Room Service was able to see us within hours...They came right to our hotel on [Disney] property and were able to take care of us in a timely manner. It was so easy and convenient and they gave us all the paperwork to submit to our insurance. Within an hour we had prescriptions and were able to salvage the last days of our trip. We didn't have to drag the other children to an office, which is always a plus. We tell all our Disney going friends about this service..." - H.S. , February 2018

"Very friendly and forthcoming doctor." S.K.F. from Norway

"The doctor was very warm and friendly. Took time to talk to my daughter and engage my other two children in the process to make everyone feel comfortable. She's feeling much better already!" - K.B. from New York

"Dr. Almond comes highly recommended. He provided an excellent service. His bedsides manner is impeccable." L.M. from U.K.

"Exelente" - S.F. from Argentina

"Honest, sincere and great service. Really helped me for a very reasonable price." E.L. from Florida

"As...predicted the next day he was better and the fever settled. He is now in the U.K. He is well and back to his normal self. Many thanks." - Dr. P.S.

"El doctor muy amable y profesional." - J.D.C.R. from South America

"Dr. Almond was wonderful." - L.P. from Pennsylvania

"Doctor was very professional and caring." - J.P. from New Jersey

"Doctor was very knowledgeable, thorough and very personable." - J.W.B. from Minnesota

"...Within an hour we had prescriptions and were able to salvage the last days of our trip. We didn't have to drag the other children to an office...We tell all our Disney going friends about this service..." - H.S.

"Doctor was very communicative, professional, and had a wonderful bedside manner with our young son. The visit helped us understand how we could better help him feel better without having to drag him to an urgent care. Overall, this was a wonderful experience. I wouldn't hesitate to use this service again in the event that we need it." - J.S. from North Carolina

"Thank you so much for the attention, great doctor." N.L. from South America

"Amazing doctor...came right to our room at resort. He was so personable and thorough! I highly recommend this service." - M.W. from New York

"Very friendly and understanding, really helped out, thank you very much" - D.G. from Essex, UK

"Muy professional el doctor. Excelente atencion!! - A.L. from Argentina May 2018

"Thanks again for the house call; your diagnosis and consult were of great comfort to me and my wife." - S.P. from Ontario, Canada

"We were able to enjoy our time, with family, at Disney because of your good care. I can't thank you enough. I have shared this wonderful experience with family and friends." - P.B. from Georgia

"Thank you for your help and if I am in Florida again, I know who to call. Thanks." - A.H. from Northumberland, England

"Thank you for your wonderful service." - O.O. from Sydney, Australia

"Fantastic service and the doctor was very professional and knowledgeable. Next time we're at Disney and get sick, it's our first call (and it never fails, one of us is ALWAYS sick at Disney!) Worth every penny!" - A.O. from Missouri

"Dr. Almond arrived at our hotel within the hour time frame I was quoted, he was extremely respectful and kind. He was very thorough, and even had little charts and pictures to help explain what was going wrong in my body. Diagnosis and treatment we're on point:)" - S.K. from Manitoba, Canada, September 2018

"I was so sick the thought of finding an urgent care while out of town made me cry! The convenience of having a doctor make a "house call" was the best thing...I would not wish anyone to be ill on vacation, but if you need medical help-contact this group!" - P.K. from Illinois, February 2019

"Dr. Almond took a lot of time to talk to our daughter and explain what she needed to do to get well and gave us lots of options and expectations. The flu test was quick and easy and we know what we have to do now." - J.D. from Georgia, March 2019

"Great bedside manner, did a great job explaining diagnosis." - M.S. from Chicago, Illinois, April 2019

"Dr. Almond is attentive, professional and kind. Thanks for your quick appointment time and helping our son to get on the road to recovery. Love that you were able to give him a step test, confirmation of the illness and an antibiotic on the spot. So grateful for your service today!" - J.S. from Pennsylvania, April 2019

"On time! Very professional, caring and understanding." S.D. from New Jersey, April 2019

"Compassion and empathy" - R.A. from Massachusetts, July 2019

"Dr. Almond was fantastic. Will recommend service to anyone traveling to Disney World." - D.C. from Connecticut, July 2019

"Dr. Almond was extremely nice and professional." - A.R. from Malta, August 2019

"A really good consultation. Dr. Almond took so much time, answered [every] question, explained every detail and gave me the feeling that he was really interested in and caring for the well-being of me. A great doctor!" - T.S. from Germany, September 2019

"Dr. Almond was amazing. A kind, and very thorough doctor. Thank you so much!" - S.H. from Georgia, November 2019

"Dr. Almond was fantastic, took care of our baby girl! For sure will be recommending him to any travelers in or around Orlando!" - J.P. from Kentucky, December 2019

"Dr Almond provided with an excellent service to our 6 years old daughter. He took the time to explain and answered all our questions. I wish we had this kind of service in Canada." - N.C. from Quebec, Canada, March 2020

"Thanks for your assistance. I must say I was impressed with the medical coverage I received and am happy to say I made it home without incident." - N.G. from Ontario, Canada, May 27, 2020

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