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  • $249 for a new patient in-room visit by a Physician Room Service mobile medical doctor from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm within our Service areas.*

  • $199 for an established patient recheck visit, if seen by a Physician Room Service mobile medical doctor within the past 14 days.

  • $10-20 for optional tests (Rapid Strep, Rapid Flu A, Rapid Flu B, dipstick urinalysis), performed in the room during the visit, with results in minutes.

  • $20-30 for a complete course (not just the first dose) of a few optional prescription medications, like antibiotics and anti-nausea medicine, which are often available in the room during the visit.**

  • $69 for an online telemedicine virtual visit (smartphone, tablet or computer).

Our prices are current through November 2020 and are subject to change, although they have been the same for many years.
*Potential visits just outside of our normal Service areas would need to be discussed up front by phone, text, or WhatsApp before scheduling your appointment, and would cost extra, depending on demand, distance, traffic, travel time, etc.
**We also recommend Turner Drugs, a full-service pharmacy near the Walt Disney World Resort that makes deliveries to the front desks of Walt Disney World Resort hotels.
If you want to use medical or travel insurance up front, we recommend that you contact your insurance company before scheduling the visit to see if they can arrange payment for you ahead of time. If you give them our website address they can see our up-front transparent pricing, which is capped, and usually less than other in-room mobile doctor services, urgent care centers, or hospital emergency rooms in our area.
If your insurance company is not contracted with us (if we are out of their network), and/or if they do not contact us ahead of time with a guarantee of payment, we would not be able to accept or bill the insurance. In that case, payment for the visit would need to be made by you to the doctor in the room at the end of the visit using our secure encrypted Square credit card payment system (or cash) which provides you with an itemized and coded receipt. You can send your receipt, along with a copy of your one-page medical record, completed and coded by the doctor, to your insurance company for potential reimbursement according to the wording in your insurance policy, but we cannot guarantee that they will reimburse.
A word of caution: If you decide to go with another mobile doctor company, and you plan to pay by credit or debit card, we recommend only using a secure transaction in person, after the visit, instead of giving your credit card information on the phone before the visit. Identity theft is reason enough. And, unfortunately, some of the other mobile doctor companies don't post their prices on their website, and won't tell you up front how much the visit will ultimately cost, but will "require" your credit card information in advance. Also, some of them may say they "start out at" an amount quoted on the phone, or try to convince you that your insurance will definitely pay or reimburse you, but that they "need to get your credit card information on the phone, just in case...". A few of these later charge several hundred (even over a thousand) dollars to your credit card, from which to pay the hotel staff a potentially illegal "kick-back" or "referral" fee. If they don't post their prices on their website, or are not up front with you, or if they ask for your card information on the phone, beware!

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