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Doctor visits

Physician “House calls” to hotels/homes in our main tourist attractions service area ($199-$299):

$199 for an established patient (recheck) – if already seen in previous 14 days (8am-5pm EDT)

$249 for a new patient (8am-5pm EDT) – our most common visit, and usual or typical charge

Add $50 if after hours (5pm-8am EDT) – we have to pay doctors more to get them out at night

Additional charge for travel outside of our service area (see “Questions“…”Where are you located?”)



Optional, performed by physician during visit, with results within a few minutes:

$0 for pulse oximetry

$10 for dipstick urinalysis

$20 for rapid Strep test

$20 for rapid Flu A test

$20 for rapid Flu B test



Our doctors can dispense some common prescription medications in the room during the visit.

Most prescription and non-prescription medications can also be delivered to several Orlando tourist area hotels within a few hours (visit for locations, hours, delivery fees and more details).

Prescriptions can also be written or called in by physician, and picked up at any pharmacy in the area.


Above prices are current as of August 2017 and are subject to change in the future.


If you are visiting the Orlando Florida tourist attractions area, and have a non-emergency medical problem, let the doctor come to you, and get well soon, right in your room! In most cases you can speak directly to one our house call doctors by calling 407-238-2000. If our doctors are on a call, serving other patients, you may be routed to our voice-mail service, where you can leave a detailed message, and one of our on-call doctors will call you back within a few minutes to serve you.