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For COVID-19 signs, symptoms and other information, here is a helpful link from the CDC, and one from the Florida Department of Health.

Relax in the safety and comfort of your home or hotel and let the doctor come to you, in person or online.

Our licensed and certified medical doctors continue to go on "house calls" to Orlando tourist service area homes and hotels, and can virtually "see" patients anywhere in Florida with telemedicine video visits using smartphones, tablets or computers.

How our services work:

First, please read all of the general information on this website about our services, service areas, prices, etc.

Next, if you still have questions not answered on our website, or when you’re ready to schedule an appointment, then call, text 407-238-2000 to communicate directly with one of our Physician Room Service® medical doctors. There's no charge for the initial brief triage...

For an in-person mobile doctor visit:

1. Confirm that you are in one of our Orlando Florida tourist attractions service areas.

2. Call, text or Whatsapp 407-238-2000 to speak directly with our physician on duty to determine if an in-person doctor house call is appropriate for your needs.

3. One of our doctors can usually be at your door within an hour or two, or at a time more convenient for you. Although our physicians are usually “right on time”, we ask for a 15-minute leeway; please be in your hotel room or home 15 minutes before, and allow 15 minutes after, the exact agreed-upon appointment time in case the doctor is running a little early or late.

4. The doctor will obtain a brief history, perform a problem-focused exam (and optional testing, only if necessary and agreed upon), discuss your diagnosis, treatment and follow-up plan, and prescribe medication for you, if needed.

5. After the doctor completes your medical record, you can receive a scanned copy to keep for your records, to send to your insurance company, and to your primary physician or specialist if needed.

6. Payment of $249 is obtained by the doctor at the end of the visit by cash or major credit card using a secure encrypted electronic credit card system, after which you can receive an electronic receipt by email.

7. You can send a copy of your receipt to your insurance company for potential reimbursement, depending on your policy or contract. Alternatively, you can call your insurance or assistance company, before scheduling your visit, and ask if they can arrange for payment directly to us on your behalf ahead of time, or confirm their reimbursement process.

8. Get well soon, right in your room!

For a telemedicine online video visit:

1. If you are anywhere in Florida - call, text or WhatsApp 407-238-2000 to communicate directly with our doctor about basic information, expectations, limitations, alternative options, understanding, agreement, consent, payment, etc., and each of you determine if a telemedicine video visit is appropriate for you and your medical condition before the actual online consultation begins.

2. Using your smartphone, tablet or computer, and a secure internet connection, follow the doctor's directions for connecting to our secure encrypted software platform.

3. You and the doctor safely and privately communicate the essential information, including a brief history, limited virtual exam, diagnosis, treatment plan, etc.

4. Payment of *$69 would then be obtained by the doctor at the end of the visit by major credit card using a secure encrypted electronic credit card system, after which you can receive an electronic receipt by email.

5. After the doctor completes your medical record, you can receive a copy, which you can send to your insurance, primary doctor or specialist, if needed.

6. Get well soon, right where you are!

*During a virtual telemedicine visit, if it is determined that further evaluation and treatment is required by a doctor in person instead of by a video visit, the otherwise non-refundable $59 telemedicine visit fee can be credited and applied toward the cost of an in-person mobile doctor house call visit to your hotel or home IF you are in one of our 10-zip-code service areas, IF determined appropriate for our scope of practice, and IF the in-person visit is provided by a Physician Room Service® doctor; this does not apply if you use another mobile doctor service company, or need to go to a clinic, hospital ER, or other facility.

We treat common minor urgent care medical problems like...

Skin conditions:

  • Rashes

  • Insect bites

  • Blisters

  • Skin infections

  • Sunburn

  • and more


  • Cough & cold

  • Influenza (Flu)

  • Sinus infection

  • Asthma (mild)

  • Bronchitis

  • and more


  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Food Poisoning

  • Constipation

  • and more


  • Fever

  • Sore throat

  • Ear infection

  • Pink eye

  • Urine infection

  • and more

Lab Tests: Although testing is usually not necessary for most common urgent care medical problems, our in-person mobile physicians usually carry a few optional tests that can be performed in the room, with results in minutes. These usually include dipstick urinalysis ($10), rapid Flu A ($20), rapid Flu B ($20), and rapid Strep A ($20) tests. Our mobile doctors can also perform pulse oximetry in your room at no extra charge. Most of our telemedicine visits do not involve additional testing, but may be able to be arranged, depending on the circumstances.

Medications (for either an in-person or telemedicine visit): After your in-person or telemedicine visit, and after your diagnosis and treatment plan have been discussed, the doctor can write a prescription, call it in, or send it to the pharmacy of your choice, for no additional charge. As a convenience, our mobile physicians often carry a few optional prescription medications such as oral antibiotics and anti-nausea medicine, which can be provided (“dispensed”) in the room for an additional reasonable cost (usually $20 for the entire course of each). There is also a pharmacy called Turner Drugs that can deliver most medications to some of the Walt Disney World Resort area hotels.

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