Mobile Doctor Service

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We provide in-room medical doctor (MD) “house-call” visits to Orlando tourist attractions area hotels and homes.

We send a mobile doctor to you so you don’t have to waste valuable time in stressful traffic or a crowded waiting room.

Our licensed and certified medical doctors are adult and pediatric trained, and experienced in urgent care and house calls.

Some common simple tests (like Strep, Flu, and dip urinalysis) can be performed in your room, with results in minutes.

Some common prescription medications (like antibiotics) can be provided in the room or delivered in most cases.

Credit cards or cash is accepted, and receipts and forms, coded for insurance reimbursement, are provided during the visit.

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Then, call, text or WhatsApp 407-238-2000 to communicate directly with one of our mobile doctors and schedule an appointment.

Finally, you can relax, let the doctor come to you, and get well soon, right in your room!